In Episode 66, we return to Charlotte with Pat Bowles and Andy Goh of Final Round Radio East, while Big Wave Dave is on assignment for Innova. We make up for his absence by bringing Austin Fisher and Kyle Hogan on to the hot seat.

Austin and Kyle have been known in the Charlotte disc golf scene for years as deeply committed and passionate players, and now they’ve teamed up to form Disc Golf Ventures, an events and promotion organization that helps grow the game through tournaments organization, events like putting league and visibility.

We talk to them about how they got into business together, why they decided to team up, what goals they have and what their biggest challenges will be. We also cover the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge in Las Vegas in the lead card, talk about a potential disc golf bubble in the topic of the day, and figure out what the best way to get a disc out of a tree are in the Final 9.

Thanks again to our sponsor, NoDa Brewing Company!