There’s perhaps no greater authority on the game of disc golf from an organizational standpoint than Brian Graham, Executive Director of the PDGA. Brian took the time to drive up from his home in Augusta, GA to be our guest for Episode 52, and delivered a tremendous conversation. With K2 unable to call in, Andy and KB held court with the man in charge of disc golf’s governing body.

Brian was very candid with his interview, as we talked about everything from how Brian started playing disc golf (he used to be a skater) to how he got to be Executive Director of the PDGA to criticisms of the PDGA’s governance, logistics and ratings systems. Brian adamantly answers what he thinks is the biggest challenge facing disc golf today, and it may not be what you think. We find out what Brian thinks of the word “frolf” in the Par 4 (sponsored by NoDa Brewing Company) and whether he carries a backpack or a cart on the course.