Episode 45 featured two Prodigy players from Asheville, NC – Colin Forehand and Coby Guise. Apart from both being sponsored by Prodigy, Colin and Coby are roommates and frequently travel to tournaments together.

We talk about the European Open, US Amateur Championships and Charlotte Amateur Championships in the lead card, and talk about our worst shots in the Par 4 segment (sponsored by NoDa Brewing Company). In the second half of the show, we hear from our listeners on the Hyzer Line (call us now at 704.727.6077), put Coby and Colin through the Ring of Fire, and finish off with a strong Final 9.

We’ve also got a special announcement: we’ll be traveling to Leicester, MA in two weeks for the Vibram Open! Our next episode will be recorded at Maple Hill, and we’ll be getting interviews with lots of the top players, directors and organizers of the tournament. Big thanks again to our sponsors NoDa Brewing Company and Crafty Beer Guys for helping to make this happen!