We’ve got big news for you: Final Round Radio is going on the road! Well at least KB is. With Winn Seltzer and Philo Brathwaite. You read that right, KB is going to be touring the country in an RV in 2017 with a Charlotte disc golfer and one of the top touring pros on the circuit. That means that we’ve got some shoes to fill here in the Queen City.

That’s where former Final Round Radio guests “Big Wave” Dave George and Pat “PDB” Bowles come in. They’re going to be stepping in for KB as co-hosts (along with Andy Goh) for Final Round Radio East.

Kevin “K Squared” Keith will also be working the Texas audience with FRR Central recording in Dallas, TX, so that makes three different (but similar) versions of Final Round Radio that will be coming to you in 2017. This is certainly not something that we’ve done before, but we feel this is the best way to bring the show to you this year.

In Episode 62, you’ll hear from Dave and Pat about what they will bring to the show, while KB talks about why he decided to make the jump into touring.