The Discmania tour bus made a spot at Another Round to record a really neat episode of Final Round Radio in front of a packed house! Episode 12 features some really interesting perspective from SpinTV and picks the brain of the current up and coming phenom of Simon Lizotte. Simon is a great guy on and off the mic and every time you hear about Simon it seems that he’s breaking distance or speed gun records.

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Listen in on your way to work, while you’re mowing the grass, playing disc golf, or hanging with some friends. It’s a great listen and your disc golf game will appreciate it!

We also found some pictures of Lizotte at a crazy young age with better form than anybody else now. This kid is a natural disc golfer! Scroll past the pictures to stream or download directly.

Crew and Simon and Jamie

sherbrooke open 2 (Small)

simon 2012-c (Small)

simon 2012-e (Small)

Simon training (Small)