Cast and Gregg Barsby

With one of the most genuine and real interviews you will EVER hear, Gregg Barsby kills it on Final Round Radio. He talks about his life on the road, what’s hard for him, jokes around and just loves the game.

Just days earlier, Gregg killed it at the Charlotte Putting League after just getting into town. If you saw a cool guy with long hair who threw a country mile in Charlotte recently, it was him!

If you’ve ever seen Gregg behind the camera, or heard him behind the mic, PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A WILD RIDE! The FRR crew is really appreciative of Gregg taking the time to talk with us while he was in Charlotte and wishes him the best touring season he’s ever had. Just to show what kind of guy he is, he started off the show giving us a T-Shirt and saying thank you!

As always, we have too much fun sometimes, so this episode also gets the Explicit Content tag.