The Final Round Radio crew took it local in Episode 51 with Charlotte Disc Golf Club President Jim Banbury. Jim has a unique disc golf story in that he didn’t start playing disc golf until the age of 57. Since then, he’s become a two time Advanced Senior Grandmasters in 2012 and 2013, as well as becoming CDGC President and maintaining a 923 rating.

We recap the 2016 Worlds win by Ricky Wysocki in the Lead Card, as well as the Piney Point Palooza. Jim answers solid questions in the Par 4 segment (sponsored by NoDa Brewing Company) as well as the Ring of Fire. K2 also calls in from Dallas, where he’s moved to #IRL and will be calling in from for the time being. In related news, please bear with us as we figure out the audio issues.