We had to work a little harder for Episode 50 than most episodes.

We originally recorded Episode 50 Tuesday night at our sponsor, NoDa Brewing Company, which was an excellent time. We had a few friends of the show over, bought the first beers for everyone, and recorded an excellent podcast with Matt Cheney.

… and somewhere after that we lost the audio file. Our bad.

Fortunately, Matt was able to join us again Friday night at Another Round Disc Golf to re-record Episode 50, with K2 joining us again via Skype from Emporia, Kansas, where he is following the Pro World Championships.

Matt, who was a guest way, way WAY back in Episode 3, had plenty to talk about this time around. Matt breaks the news about the CDGC making a bid for the 2018 Amateur World Championships, as well as previewing the fourth season of the Charlotte Putting League. We also talk about the two month disc golf road trip that Matt took with his kids, playing courses like Bucksnort, Blue Ribbon Pines, High Bridge Hills and more.

We hate┬áto make you wait for this episode, especially number 50, but we’re glad you’re tuning in anyway!