Lots of people who love disc golf find many different ways to contribute, and Pat Bowles does it as well as anyone. He currently serves as president of the Albemarle Disc Golf Association, he is also a talented course designer who will see his first hybrid course come to fruition at Piney Point and he’s even taught himself how to use a video camera and filmed for Another Round Productions. Despite balancing all of that and a full-time job, Pat still manages to keep a solid 950 rating.

We talked with Pat about how he got started with the ADGA, course design and filming. We also talk about his background as a track and field athlete and how it helped prepare him for disc golf. Showing off true versatility, he even helps us out with the Lead Card, in the absence of K2. We hear some great user-submitted questions on the Par 4 (sponsored by NoDa Brewing Company), a couple of hilarious calls on the #HyzerLine and find out who is playing Pokémon Go in the Final 9.

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