Months, even years before the first tee shot at a PDGA Major or NT flies into the air, hundreds of hours of groundwork, planning, and logistics go into making that event possible. One of the people who is most responsible for that work that generally goes unseen is our guest for Episode 106, Shawn Sinclair.

Shawn has worked for the PDGA for many years as a Chief Marshall, member of the Board of Directors, and also as course consultant. That part of his role is what brings him to Charlotte this week, as he is scouting out locations for the 2018 Am Worlds which will be held here in the Queen City.

In Episode 106, we talk about Shawn’s background playing disc golf in Southern California, how he made the decision to go pro and quit a job in teaching, and how he got involved with the PDGA on a working basis. He also talks about being on the committee that was tasked with finding a replacement for outgoing director Brian Graham.

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