There’s several new professional tours on the disc golf scene, and we got Steve Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour to sit down with us for Episode 44. You may also know Steve from his tournament directing with the Maple Hill Open (now Vibram Open), being the director of Vibram Disc Golf and also from having helped found Marshall Street Disc Golf.

Steve was a phenomenal guest as he had plenty to say about the difficulties of starting a new tour in a suddenly-crowded market, the work it takes to run a NT like the Vibram Open, and also why you don’t see top pros throwing Vibram.

We also debut not one, but two new segments: The Par 4 and The Hyzer Line!

The Par 4, sponsored by NoDa Brewing Company, lets us answer four questions we get from our audience via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@finalroundradio), and also at The Par 4 is going to be regular feature, so send in your questions for us or our guest today!

The Hyzer Line is inspired by the old sports-talk radio segment staples where listeners would call up, leave a message for the hosts, and they would play the messages on air. Same thing here, only we want to hear from you about whats going on in the world of disc golf! Call 704.727.6077 and let us know what you’re throwing, where you’re throwing or what happened in the latest tournament. Call us today and you could be on the next episode of Final Round Radio!

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