Final Round Radio – Episode 11 – Skeet Scienski

Episode 11 of Final Round Radio features a really cool dude and fantastic disc golf artist in Skeet Scienski! We had an amazing time talking about Skeet's history in disc golf and in Charlotte. He has had some really incredible designs on some really amazing historic discs. Remember the European VRoc? That was a Skeet [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 10 – David “Wheetie” French

One of the most upbeat and likeable characters in the Charlotte Disc Golf Scene is David "Wheetie" French. Wheetie is known all around Charlotte as THE cityscape painter of Charlotte. You can find him at festivals all over Charlotte and often at Eastway. What a lot of people don't realize is that Wheetie won the [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 9 – Putting League (Multiple Guests)

Episode 9 of FRR is a really unique platform. Thank you to all of our guests who came on the microphone throughout the evening. We recorded this podcast at Sugar Creek Brewing during the Charlotte Putting League that we talk about on the show all the time. A couple featured guests are Joe Vogelbacher (Owner [...]

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