Final Round Radio – Episode 3 – Matt Cheney

Episode 3 features Matt Cheneye, a very active disc golf promoter in Charlotte. He brought us the Charlotte Showdown and the Charlotte Putting League! This episode is PG-13 and a fun, different listen! Have at it and enjoy :)

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Final Round Radio – Episode 2 – Brad Ramsey

Episode #2 is in the books! Brad Ramsey stops by before he moves down to the ATL. The area is going to miss Brad and all he's done for the local scene, but Georgia is getting a stand up guy. Listen in to hear about his game, routines, USDGC and beer! A usual topic also [...]

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Final Round Radio – Pilot Episode – Andy Wiler

In our very first episode we chat with local pro Andy Wiler. Andy is an up and coming player know for his mental game and his super solid thumber. We talk a little about how he throws those crazy things, the Cary Urban Open and feature hole 18 at RL Smith. We hope you enjoy [...]

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