Final Round Radio – Barry Schultz – Episode 38

You don't hear from Barry Schultz very often, so we were thrilled and honored to have him on our podcast. We had a lot of fun like usual and he was a fantastic guest. Like usual, instead of reading this description... press that play button! Make sure to check us out on facebook and Instagram (@FinalRoundRadio)

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Final Round Radio – Scott Stokely – Episode 37

Scott Stokely is rocking the #bluepower ( tour this year in his fight for autism awareness. The show is really a two-part show. The first half is a lot about what Scott is fighting so hard this year for. The second half is the Scott Stokely you might recognize. Candid and honest (who would expect [...]

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Final Round Radio – Chuck Connelly – Episode 36

Chuck Connelly is known for being one of the most dedicated tournament directors within our sport. He provides Final Round Radio with a ton of insight of what it likes to be the brains behind the great company of Spike Hyzer. Imagine being on the road almost every weekend... wow! We thank Chuck for driving [...]

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Final Round Radio – Jeremy Koling – Episode 35

Big Jerm (Jeremy Koling) hops on the mic hoping to get that Final Round Radio Bump. This story teller has a lot of personality in his second appearance with us. Listen to Jerm recall some of his favorite 2015 moments, including an epic "resting bitch face". ENJOY! Shout out to Heist Brewery for everything they [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 34 – Ricky Wysocki

It's hard to write up a promotion for the currently 2nd best player in the World, Ricky Wysocki. Ricky was one of Final Round Radio's most open, honest, fun, entertaining guest. We tried to shake him a little and get him rattled, and as the true professional that he is, he impressed us all. ENJOY! [...]

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Episode 33 – Best of Final Round Radio

You know what Final Round Radio is missing? A great "Best Of" show! All great shows need recap shows. Dig in and listen to some of your favorite moments from Final Round Radio so far. We're just getting started and look forward to what 2016 will bring!!!! The picture above was taken at Heist Brewery. [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 32 – Billy Crump

Episode number 32 of Final Round Radio features Billy Crump! A lot of newer players might not know who Billy is, so it will be a great listen for you if you have found the sport in the last 5 years. Billy is the original film and commentator in our sport. In the pre-YouTube era, [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 31 – Stan McDaniel

A local and national legend, Stan McDaniel embrassed our microphones for a super hilarious and fun show. We haven't ever had a guest like Stan on before and we never will (Unless we get him on the show again!). Stan is Charlotte's #1 mule and one of only a couple guys with the vision to [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 30 – Steve Boucher

Steve Boucher of the American Disc Golf Tour jumped into the studio with Final Round Radio. Steve talked about what the American Open is and how the tour idea got started. We hope you listen and are excited that we've been doing Final Round Radio for almost a year! Big shout out to Heist Brewery [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 29 – Phil Lawrence

Phil Lawrence, the President of Oak Hollow Disc Golf Club (Hickory, NC) visited Charlotte for a podcast with Final Round Radio. If you don't know you Phil is, tune in for this episode. Phil runs a really sweet tournament in Thurmond, NC where there is a gorgeous backdrop while you play through a vineyard. You [...]

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