Final Round Radio – Episode 16 – Scott Kimball

We had a neat unique guest on the show today as we ventured into the beer world a little bit. Scott Kimball tells his story of what it's like to be an owner and head brewer at a popular local brewery in Charlotte, NC. Scott is a big time disc golfer and has actually named [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 15 – Sam Nicholson

  The Final Round Radio train keeps rolling with Sam Nicholson as our guest for episode 15! This was a great episode in which we get to see into the mind of what it takes to be a TD for a world championship (Sam was the TD for the Charlotte Pro-Am Worlds in 2012 and [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 14 – Tavis Lipp

Tavis Lipp is an up and coming disc golfer who you might not have heard of before this show. Well, in a couple years, Final Round Radio thinks you will know a lot more about him as he works his way up the disc golf ranks. Make sure to listen to this show with the [...]

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Final Round Radio – Episode 13 – Michael Johansen

Michael Johansen is is fun loving self on Episode 13. MJ came off a great win at the Carolina Clash, showing Renaissance who's boss! It must be good luck to still be on Final Round Radio :). Last time with MJ we talked about the mental game; this time around we talk about a lot [...]

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