It’s been an active and lively few weeks for news in disc golf. The controversial 18-month suspension of Bradley Williams has rocked the disc golf world, causing many discussions over whether the suspension was too harsh, if Bradley’s past reputation played a role in the decision, or if his actions earned him the decision.

The suspension has raised questions about the PDGA, and the PDGA’s discipline process. We were joined by the Chair of the PDGA’s disciplinary committee, Robert Leonard, and Prodigy Discs team captain Will Schusterick for Episode 53. Kevin and Andy traveled up to Bond Brothers Beer Company in Cary, NC to speak with Will and Robert.

The conversation was candid, and Robert didn’t hide from our questions. As a top touring player, Will’s perspective was crucial to the conversation. This story still has twists and turns to go, but in this episode, we bring you the word straight from the one of the persons directly involved with the suspension. As always, we appreciate you tuning in!