In an unprecedented turn of events, the USDGC cancelled the final round of the 2016 tournament due to the effects of Hurricane Matthew, resulting in the first ever major victory for Charlotte native and Prodigy-sponsored player Jeremy Koling.

The decision did not come without some confusion (and controversy). Players hoping to make a run at the title in their final rounds woke up to Facebook messages and emails stating that the tournament has at first been delayed an hour or two depending on who you asked. Then, word came down that the final round was pushed back until Sunday. With the logistical nightmare that would have ensued (forcing players to reschedule flights and hotel rooms), the final decision was that the final strokes of the 2016 USDGC had already been thrown. With a -17 score and a four stroke lead on 2nd-place Nikko Locastro, Jeremy Koling was announced the winner.

Some players believed it was the right call, others thought it was too hasty and not handled properly. Final Round Radio was on location at the impromptu player’s party at Piedmont Social House in south Charlotte to talk to some of the key names, including the newly-crowned champion. Also in this episode are Koling’s Prodigy teammate Zach Melton and Alex Geisinger.